Iron the Bed!

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23 September – 4 November 2023 | Gallery Mönch, Berlin

Opening hours Thu & Fri from 15-19 hrs, Sat from 11 – 15 hrs and by appointment.
galerie-mö | +49 30 23 13 58 58 |

Finissage and performative reading on 4 November.
Saturday, 4 November, 3-6pm.

barbara caveng reads “Honigtexte” every half hour.
The KunstPostamt [Art Post Office] in the gallery’s cabinet is also open for the last time.

Installationview Bügeln Sie das Bett! Iron the Bed!
Object, foot board, CNC engraved | Iron bed, book leaves, wallpaper drawing | Honey hive case and honey text on iron chair | Pillow case, writing | Installation views | Galerie Mönch 2023 | ©barbara caveng

Presse release by Michaela Nolte:


more about Iron the bed!
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