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Iron the Bed!

switch words 23 September – 4 November 2023 | Gallery Mönch, Berlin Opening hours Thu & Fri from 15-19 hrs, Sat from 11 – 15 hrs and by appointment.galerie-mö | +49 30 23 13 58 58 | Finissage and performative reading on 4 November.Saturday, 4 November, 3-6pm. barbara caveng reads “Honigtexte” every half hour.The KunstPostamt [Art Post Office] in the gallery’s cabinet is also open for the last time.…


The artistic work HLAIBA (from ancient engl. hlaf “loaf bread”) addresses how livelihoods are not only destroyed by tanks and howitzers in wartime, but how hunger has always been created as an existentially destructive, power-political instrument of warfare.The starting point for the social bread work is an ear relief from the 1930s on a former granary in the town of Pasewalk in Mecklenburg/ Western Pomerania – a façade drawing made…

HAIR! Xmas special

The ultimate Xmas present for your disco party at home “Oh-Marry & Happy 2020!” celebrating with 5 people from 2 households! HAIR special editioncaveng & Polydor Club P 92 147 / 92147 / German record pressing / 12 Inches Vinyl & Human Hair LP1968/2020 various human hair/ may contain traces of the artists hair / framed 40x50cm/ stamped & signed /Only €450.- inclusive VAT, exclusive shipping

Virtual Gallery Tour#2


The second Virtual Gallery Tour is just around the corner! On Wednesday, 4th November at 6 PM EAT/ 4PM MEZ the Goethe Zentrum Kampala presents the second session with the multidisciplinary artists barbara caveng, based in Germany and Pamela Enyonu, based in Uganda.
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barbara caveng DeFibrillation 1ª

ONE DAY OF CHICKEN. Bones the next day. *
Objects and sculptures

You and your friends are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition
on Saturday, August 22nd, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
and on Sunday, August 23, from 12pm to 4pm
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