60 Letters

and a art-postoffice

“The main post office in Belgrade is open seven days a week from 0 – 24.
Now that it’s getting colder outside and wet, it’s comfortably warm in the large hall bordered by thirty counters. Three voluminous bar tables, each containing a flower trough with artificial grass, some fern and a miniature tree – whose family and species I am not given to determine – as well as three wooden benches from the storage of furniture for public waiting areas, offer themselves to those who, voluntarily or involuntarily, settle in for a longer stay.

The Glavna Pošta is the living museum from the age of writing, monument of delivered-by-human messages, which are based on an analog and historical concept of space / time – and the telegram, the fastest among them, also corresponds to this linear experience of time. The postmark determines its pulse. Simultaneity is coded elsewhere.

The main post office became a place for me to write and to think about writing.

Newsletter from 23.11.2022

I started the series of 60 letters in my 60th year. Having achieved letter 10/ 60 in my 61st year, I continue the project until 27.9.2024.

From 23.9. – 21.10.2023 I opened a first KUNSTPOSTFILIALE in Neu-Westend. It is part of the exhibition ‘Iron the Bed’ at Galerie Mönch.

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