DeFibrillation | daily wounds & hill up and down

barbara caveng dailywound ©JoachimGern

daily wounds | 2014 | |©JGern

daily wounds consist of a collection of thights, that bear witness with their wholes and runs to the adversities of daily life. The blemish is not veiled, but rather highlighted: the tights are carefully darned and thus receive a drawing that emphasizes and highlights a possible drama.

Taken as a series, the daily wounds can be read as a diary of everyday shakes.

finissage of the exibition ‘rescue rituals’ at Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin, 2022

garments partly dissolved | since 2011

DeFibrillation 1ª | DeFibrillation 1º

DeFibrillation 1ª | DeFibrillation 1º

DeFibrillation 1ª | DeFibrillation 1º

hügel rauf hügel runter
worn socks with holes, darned | since 2014

“I love to walk at my ease, and stop at leisure; a strolling life is necessary to me: travelling on foot, in a fine country, with fine weather and having an agreeable object to terminate my journey, is the manner of living of all others most suited to my taste.“
Rousseau, Livre IV Confessions