barbara caveng | christian reister brace position#8

BRACEposition#8 | ©christian reister

BRACE positions

The BRACE position describes a protective posture intended to shield against a hard impact, e.g. when an aeroplane makes an emergency landing. The plane crash is a singular phenomenon in comparison to the existential dangers of everyday life. Efforts to avoid everyday crashes create an extremely complex system, within which “living” is reformulated as “surviving”.

barbara caveng | christian reister brace position#2
©christian reister

The figure BRACE sounds out these dangers in a new way: its “safety positions” are fresh interpretations of places and forms of behaviour, with which it cancels out social conventions and evades any objectification. BRACE conquers space in already occupied terrain.

As the re-interpreter of reality, BRACE is a freedom fighter of a special kind – an illusionary catapulted out of the social context.

BRACE consists of a series of photographs, performances and social interventions. The work was realized in cooperation with photographer Christian Reister.

series BRACEposition#1-8 | 2007/2008
fineartprint on aludibond 70x110cm | 110x70cm |
limited edition of 3 copies
brace_edition 20x30cm | 50 copies