HEAVENHEAVENHEAVEN | 2012 | human bones
replica of a AK47

[…]”Art today is a flood light and a weapon!” Under this banner, Barbara Caveng has aimed the flood light of her archaeological-seeming weapon at the global problem of war and everyday violence. For Caveng, art not only has a weapon-like form of expression, but is also a subversive act of denunciation, at once testimonial and provocation. Her work is directed against society’s inclination to lethargy and rescues the aura of art against the medial using up of images.”[…]

Extract from “Utopia as Freedom of Imaginative Power |
Essay on a Utopian Sculpture by Barbara Caveng”
Paolo Bianchi, published in “UTOPIEN VERMEIDEN” 2013, Werkleitzgesellschaft Halle

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