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The complex of R A W consists of a series of weapons, replicated 1:1 with the material of banana peels, a series of photographs, wool blankets on steel, room/ spatial drawing made by wire, parachutes.
2009 | 2010

the banana - Musa spp. paradisica

She is sweet and healty, worldwide staple food number three, she makes you even more happy than chocolate, providing nourishment for the nerves, getting star tenors through Wagner operas. Her shape is like a pistol and her story is connected with war, corruption, European and American colonialism and the negative consequences of globalisation. The banana-production in Central America, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala and the Philippines led these countries into a state of ever greater economic, and hence political, dependency on the US corporations as United fruit company (Chiquita), Dole and Del Monte, followed by environmental destruction and poverty.
Until yet there are no paradisiacal circumstances in these countries, but war zones equipped with arms from the production abroad.

the weapons

They include a selection of replications of assault rifles, submachine guns and pistols - representatives of these types of weapons, such as the AK47, Awtomat Kalaschnikowa, obrasza 47, the most-produced handgun worldwide. Around sixty states provide their armed forces with the AK47. Mozambique, Zimbabwe, East Timor and the the Lebanese Hizbollah have the Kalashnikov sign in their coat of arms.
Approx 10 Million of G3-guns produced in German circulate worldwide. The Austrian Steyr Aug, the UZI , the MP40 and the G5 are haunted by a similar ambivalent reputation.

the photographs

a series of photographs shows a young man from Vietnam in a snow landscape, eating a Banana and trying to get rid of the peel. The parents of the man are survivors of Vietnam War.

· Spiegel online | Simone Schlindwein (2007 )
· Jürgen Grässlin, Bundessprecher der Deutschen Friedensgesellschaft-Vereinigte Kriegsdienstgegner (DFG-VK) & Vorsitzender des Rüstungsinformationsbüros (RIB)

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