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U Menya est Metschta - I have a dream

2000 minus 2








partizipatory artworks


2000minus2 - 365 tage 365 found objects

365 found objects in a shelfing system
12 captions | C-print on aluminium Dibond |100 x 100 cm each

[...] "How nice that all of this dirty stuff is made shiny by viewers beholding it through transparent plastic that protect them from potential unpleasantness: this protected viewing is without a danger of infection and doesn't stink. It is all rather grotesque when viewers look at it from 'outside'. Shame then comes to the fore when the viewer has to take a good look at his- or herself as part and parcel of this anonymous throw-away culture. And odd as well as uncomfortable, when rubbish is incorporated into conceptual art without making a claim to a moral high ground and allowing these objects to be presented in a neutral, bureaucratic setting."

Quote from: Ulrich Puritz, “Der Betrachter ist in Arbeit” (the viewer is in process)
Catalogue text 2000minus2 - 365 Days-365 Found Objects
ISBN 3- 932294-40-8

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