This project was realized in the frame of several other projects from the State School of Art of Valais (ECAV) in collaboration with the commission of Safeguarding of Patrimony- Leytron (SPL), supported by the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) in collaboration with the foundation Château Mercier.

The research project

The Valais is a region very much oriented towards notions of history and patrimony. The density of museums and historic collections of Valais is one of the highest in all of Switzerland. For two years, an association comprised of volunteer members of the Valaison county of Leytron. To collect, file and save what can still be transmitted to future generations As in any question of constructing patrimony, this process poses essential questions of theory and practice. An artistic documentary studio put in place and supported by the State School of Art of Valais (ECAV) has contributed to the transmission and impact with hummer and seriousness. The base of contemporary artistic practice questions the relations of the habitants of Valais with history. *

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patrimoine Illustration: Samuel Dématraz, Graphisme: Audrey Devantay

The Village Of Leytron

The commune of Leytron is located in the Swiss canton of Valais midway between Sion and Martigny. The village is surrounded by sunny vineyards and visually dominated by the cliffs  of the ‘proud Ardévaz’.  The population is composed of 2'655 inhabitants of those 1'648 are living in Leytron. around 1000 are sharing the small hamlets along the road  leading from the plain at 485m at Ovronnaz at 1350m : Produit with 135 inhabitants, Montagnon  counts 53, Les Places 13, Dugny 170 and Ovronnaz 636. Ovronnaz "la Naturelle » is a touristique holiday location, famous for skiing and well-known for the thermal spa center. **

* Press information ECAV | 2012
** / /[last click 9.3.2012] | statistic from the year 2010

 Credits: Special thanks to american/swiss artist Leah Anderson, who assisted and accompagnied the project in a very generous and emphatic way.