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U Menya est Metschta - I have a dream

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19 meals | backlightboxes: steelcases of 40cm x 40cm x 18cm with a pane to pull, showing the execution protocol |
2 audiostation with final statements
Neon lettering RELEASE ME
photographs finalmeals: Ralf Grömminger
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"She looks into the camera angrily and with wrath: Betty Lou Beets, 48 years old, charged with the murder of her fourth and fifth husband. Police mugshots are in any case seldom charming, but one can believe without great hesitation that this woman committed spousal murder twice. That is if not there next to the protocol of the prison administrationit wasn’t for an illuminated box with the picture of a plastic tablecloth in an old-fashioned design, which evokes both an oppressive and moving emptiness. Betty did not have a wish, or rather not a last wish. She was executed completely sober on the 24 th of February 2000 with an injection.

Barbara Caveng has composed a laboratory out of the final meals requests of 16 executed people that makes the last meal a still requiem for the aggressors as well as for the victims. Each description of the delinquent and his or her acts is coordinated with a photograph, which in the form of a still life shows the last meal the executed person ordered. Caveng draws upon an art historical tradition which ranges from the many-faceted representations of Christ’s last meal to the still lives of the 17 th century to Viennese Actionism, in which the ritualistic use of animal flesh in the 1960s managed to break one of the last of society’s taboos. Though “Final Meals” reminds one methodically of the archive of Christian Boltanski and abstains from the concrete materiality of foodstuffs and raw metaphors, the direct meeting of the culinary and exitus evocates something which also goes against today’s customs of good taste. "[...]

catalogue excerpt of
MEMENTO MORI VICE VERSA by Michaela Nolte Berlin, 2002
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